Selmer Soloist Mouthpieces For Sale!

Welcome to Madison Saxophone, an online destination for saxophone enthusiasts seeking expert instruction (now accepting students for summer lessons!), repair and saxophone advise. Founded by Anders Svanoe, a professional saxophonist and Madison, Wisconsin resident, Madison Saxophone was created with the goal of reaching a global market, while maintaining accessibility and service to the local Madison area.

Pro Saxophonist with Knowledge and Experience

Ander Svanoe with the Cab Calloway Big Band

Anders Svanoe playing with the Cab Calloway Big Band

Madison Saxophone offers clients invaluable expertise about all saxophones, mouthpieces, reeds and accessories.

When you work with Madison Saxophone, you have assurance that you are getting information and advice from an experienced saxophonist who not only knows the history and mechanics of the instrument, but is a true expert player.

The recommendations you receive are not regurgatated accounts from online forums or sales brochures; you get expert opinion based on firsthand experience as a musician and technician.

Personal Testimony

"Anders is one of the most knowledgable people I've met and played with about both the saxophone in general and the history of mouthpieces. Because he's such a great musician (and not just a salesman or collector), Anders can speak about pieces with the authority of a player, which is a rarity in the vintage mouthpiece selling world." Jon Irabagon
DownBeat Magazine's 2011
"Rising Star, Alto Saxophone" Winner

Anders Svanoe and Jon Irabagon perform pieces from their album 'Duets'

Anders and Jon Irabagon performing pieces from their album, 'Duets'.