About Madison Saxophone and Anders Svanoe

"A Simple, No Nonsense Approach for over 20 years"

Since 1991 I've been a teacher and saxophone player in the Madison area. During that same time I've also been tinkering with mouthpieces, horns, and buying-selling gear. After buying and selling tons of gear and learning how to repair horns and reface mouthpieces, I've finally decided to offer more of what I do beyond teaching and playing.

So why should I be your saxophone teacher?
Anders Svanoe

Anders Svanoe
Madison, Wisconsin

I am currently the saxophone instructor at Beloit College, where I lead the saxophone studio, saxophone ensemble and the jazz improvisation class. I've also have taught public school (K-12) and have had a private studio for over 20 years. Many of my former students have gone on to continue playing for fun or as a profession. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing students I had ten or twenty years ago as adults now making music.

Speaking of adults, I love teaching beginning adults; this is my passion. If you're an adult and are thinking about trying something different or getting back into playing, please drop me a line!

And why should I sell your gear?

One word: Experience. I've played on almost every mouthpiece, reed and saxophone. As an experienced player, I know the ins and outs of your gear. I can explain what you have, but more importantly, know WHY it plays the way it does. With me, you get the real deal---expert evaluation and a fair market value on your stuff.

Why should I work on your horn or mouthpiece?

This is my newest venture.  Being a player has given me an advantage over most techs who don't play. Most of the "feel" and fine tuning can only be achieved by players who are good techs and great players.

Whether it was model airplanes as a kid or bicycles as a young adult, people who know me know I have always thrived on understanding mechanically how things work. I also obsess (in a healthy way!) on the details. I feel these traits are a winning combination for being a good saxophone technician.

About Anders Svanoe
Anders with the Transatlantic Art Ensemble in Munich, Germany (2004)

Anders with the Transatlantic Art Ensemble in Munich, Germany (2004) recording two records for the ECM label

Here are a few bands and musicians that I have played with over the years. I feel very fortunate to have played with all of them.  

Multimedia/Video Clips

Below are highlights of recent performances. For the full collection of videos, please visit the Madison Saxophone Youtube Channel.

Jon Irabagon and Anders Svanoe performing selections from their album, "Duets"

Tony Castaneda's Latin Jazz Sextet live June 10, 2010 at the Memorial Union Terrace, UW-Madison, headlining the Isthmus Jazz Festival

Dave Stoler/Anders Svanoe Duo, "Basin Street Blues" on March 19, 2012

By Anders Svanoe: "Bluesville: The Journey Sonny Red"

In 2007, the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University published my book, "Bluesville: The Journey Sonny Red" in the Annual Review of Jazz Studies: No. 13.

"This issue contains Anders Svanoe's extensive study of the little-known, but highly original saxophonist Sonny Red---a definitive tribute combining oral history, a discography, photographs, and charts of every one of his recorded compositions."

2003 Annual Review of Jazz Studies cover

2003 Annual Review of Jazz Studies

Sonny Red with Oliver Jackson, Red Garland and Paul Chambers, Nov. 1963

Sonny Red at the Stardust Room in Boston, November 1963, with Oliver Jackson, drums, Red Garland, piano, and Paul Chambers, bass. (Courtesy Nicole Kyner)