Consign Your Gear with Madison Saxophone

If I'm not interested in buying your unwanted gear, please contact me and we can consign with Madison Saxophone! We can list your gear on this site, or if you need to turn around your item quickly, I can list it for you on Ebay for a nominal fee.

Tips on Consigning

If you list your item with Madison Saxophone you will make more money, but will have to wait longer. If you list on Ebay, your will sell your item quickly, but will probably make less money. There are certain circumstances where Ebay can generate more money--it just depends on what your item is, your asking price, and what goodies you include with it.

Always include all accessories with your gear. All mouthpieces, especially older ones, include the cap and ligature, if you have them. The original ligature and cap will make your item more desirable and you'll make a bit more money. Certain mouthpieces need specific caps and ligatures.

Right now really high end gear is slow to sell if you are looking to make a lot of money. Lower your asking price if you want the gear to sell soon.