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La Voz Reeds History

This is a brief visual history of the La Voz reeds brand.

1970's La Voz Box

1970's La Voz reeds box

La Voz box from the 1970s (this particular box is from the early 1970's). Notice the 12 reeds.


Single reed holders by La Voz.


La Voz boxes from the 1980's

La Voz boxes from the 1980's (left) and 1990's (right). The boxes from the 1980's didn't have an email address or website and usually advertised a La Voz product on the back (this particular box was mine from college). During the 1990's La Voz changed the box and included an email.  


La Voz reeds box from 1980's

Later boxes, like the one on the right, included a Rico website. These reeds are the infamous "Cool Jazz" reeds. I prefer reeds from these years if I can find them.


  1970's La Voz reeds  1990's La Voz reeds

1970's design on the left, 1980s-90s on the right (front & back views). The 1970's reed is about 1/16" shorter (for alto), the vamp considerably longer and heel thicker. The oval stamp is also slightly larger on the older reed.

1990's La Voz reed box

1990's La Voz reed box

La Voz boxes from the late 1990's to early 2000's on the left and current on the right (front and back views). The late 1990's to early 2000's version had the shortest shelf-life.


1990's La Voz reeds  1990's La Voz reeds

Late 1990's reed on the left, current on the right (front and back views). Around the late 1990's, La Voz changed the look and did away with the colored ink stamps, which included taking off the trademark oval on the top of the reed. The late 1990's reed is slightly shorter 1/32" (for tenor) and has a slightly more rounded tip. The modern reed is the longest of the four designs shown.

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