Saxophone Lessons

Lessons are at my house on the eastside of Madison. I teach all levels, all ages and specialize in beginners. With some of my more advanced high school kids, I coach Solo and Ensemble music and college audition material. I love to play jazz and latin music so you'll probably get a good dose of that too!

If you are interested in more information, please contact me, I’d love to talk to you!

Email to set up a time! Email: Anders Svanoe

$30.00 per hour.


Ryan Truesdell

Ryan Truesdell, 2007 Grammy Award Nominee and Director of the Gil Evans Project
'All About Jazz' article

From a Past Student

"My first sax teacher in the Madison area was Anders Svanoe. He was a great teacher and remains a good friend today. He wasn't just interested in the music, but also the history. In addition to teaching how to play the instrument, we would look at pictures of Charlie Parker or other saxophonists and try to figure out the type of saxophone they were playing, the history behind the instruments and all the other aesthetics. Anders was very influential in sparking my love of not just music, but its history, too."