Sell Your Gear to Madison Saxophone

Madison Saxophone is interested in buying your unwanted gear! If you are interested in selling your item to Madison Saxophone, please send me an email with a few pictures and we can discuss what I can offer you.

Here is a short list of things I might be interested in buying:

  • Vintage and New Saxophones (Selmer, Conn, King, Yamaha, Yanagisawa). I specialize in Selmer saxophones, more specifically the older Selmers like the Balanced Actions up through the Selmer Mark VI. Other horns I like are the Conn "M" series, King Super 20's, all Yamahas (in particular student horns like the YAS 23) and all Yanagisawas.

  • Vintage and New Mouthpieces (Selmer, Meyer, Otto Link, Berg Larsen). Models I'm most interested in purchasing are Selmer Soloists (short and long shank), Meyers (Meyer New York through modern), Otto Link Tone Edges (Slant Signature through modern), Otto Link Tone Masters, Otto Link Super Tone Masters (all versions Double Ring New York through modern).

  • Any vintage Selmer or Otto Link Ligature.

  • New old stock (NOS) boxes of LaVoz, Rico and Vandoren reeds. I'm mostly interested in boxes that are still shrink wrapped or sealed. Older reeds that have been sitting in opened boxes are too musty to play on!