Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Sound Samples

Otto Link Tone Edge Slant Signature alto

Otto Link Tone Edge Slant Signature alto mouthpiece

Otto Link Tone Master alto

Otto Link Tone Master alto mouthpiece

Selmer Soloist Short Shank alto mpc

Selmer Soloist Short Shank alto mouthpiece

At Madison Saxophone we love Otto Link, Meyer and Selmer mouthpieces! These mouthpieces represent the standard in the saxophone industry. All three companies have kept (for the most part) the same basic design over the years. Although, at times, each company incorporated slight changes in their basic design (slightly more baffle, higher floors, slightly larger or smaller chambers) which resulted in a different sound and feel.

Since there are so many different variations of hard rubber and metal Otto Links to choose from, I feel this is the one mouthpiece that needed a sound sample comparison. As a general rule over time, Otto Link mouthpieces have gotten brighter, with the 1970's Early Babbits being the brightest. Since then, Babbitt has gone back to being more middle of the road in terms of brightness and power. I've included Meyer samples because since the 1970's they were also made by Babbitt and have followed the same trend as Otto Link.

The Selmer Soloists are my favorite mouthpiece to play on and I've included these as a great alternative to Link or Meyer. I use them exclusively on every horn--all refaced by Ted Klum.

Notes on the recording: The sound samples were recorded with a Yanagisawa soprano saxophone, Selmer Mark VI alto, tenor, baritone saxophone, and La Voz medium reeds or Roberto's Winds 2.5 Medium reeds. The tip openings on the mouthpieces ranged from .058"-.062" for soprano, .065"-.075" for alto, .090"-.100" for tenor and .110"-.120" for baritone. The microphone was a Electro Voice Re20. The examples were recorded over a period of five years and the recording levels/reverb amount vary slightly from sample to sample.

Meyer Mouthpiece Samples

Meyer 5 MM 1970's - 1980's

Meyer 5 MM 1970's - 1980's with small wedge

Meyer 6 MM Modern

Richie Cole Meyer 5

Otto Link Mouthpiece Samples

Otto Link Tone Master 5

Otto Link Super Tone Master Florida with serial number 3*

Otto Link Slant Signature 5

Otto Link Early Babbitt 5

Otto Link Early Babbitt Slim Body 5*

Brilhart Mouthpiece Samples

Brilhart "Hard Rubber" 2

Brilhart "Great Neck" 3

Brilhart Tonalin 3

Selmer Mouthpiece Samples

Selmer Short Shank Soloist C*

Gregory Mouthpiece Samples

Gregory 4A 18